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The History of Casino Games

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 16th March 2017

The gambling industry in the UK alone, is now worth around £14 billion, with the most popular form of gambling being casino games. Gambling itself can be traced back many centuries, and there is archaeological evidence of its existence in China in the 3rd century BC. However, the first gambling house, or ‘casino’, opened in […]

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Why Slot Machines Have Become Popular?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 15th January 2017

Slot machines, fruit machines, one-armed bandits, call them what you will but one fact remains true, and that is their enormously popularity. There can’t be many of us that haven’t used one at some time in our lives. The alluring appeal of it’s bright lights, beckoning us mercilessly. The eager rummage through our pockets to […]

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Top 5 Casino Games

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 15th November 2016

If you would like to play casino games visit us at Les Croupiers! Here are the top 5 casino games that you can play today. Slot machines You can play many games on slot machines. If you were in an actual casino, you would need to insert coins into the machine, but the online casinos […]

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Gambling – Luck or Skill?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 30th July 2016

Gambling is undoubtedly only a matter of fortune, if you only apply your bets at random or just for fun. Nonetheless, many types of wager and gambling games can offer considerably improved rates of return when player skill is employed. Rather than relying on lady luck, many gamblers are able to outperform the general public […]

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How to play responsible gambling?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 4th July 2016

Whether it’s playing the lottery, playing poker, betting, or bingo, any activity that involves taking a risk for the thrill of the pay-off counts as gambling. It is possible to enjoy these activities without it becoming a problem; the key is moderation. When gambling begins to take over your life – using up a lot […]

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Why visit us?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 20th June 2016

For anybody that likes a relaxed atmosphere, where they can play games such as Blackjack, poker, craps and roulette, then a visit to Les Croupiers is highly recommended. The casino has some terrific credentials and after almost half a century, since opening in 1968, the management know a lot about gambling. Whether you take your […]

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Beginners Guide to a Casino

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 8th June 2016

Casinos have evolved into perfect grounds where even beginners can have a good experience while increasing their chances of winning. Initially, there would be no programs that were available to offer beginners a chance to practice before getting into the real casino world, but many casino platforms have come up with the demo program, which […]

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How to play Electronic Roulette?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 27th May 2016

How to play Electronic Roulette? If you’re a gambling fan, chances are you love table games such as roulette. With online casinos booming nowadays, you’ve got more opportunities to play and win. -But how do you play electronic roulette? The first thing to do is to sign up for an account at an online casino, […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Blackjack

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 29th April 2016

Beginners Guide To Blackjack Blackjack is an extremely popular game. The aim of the game is to have cards as close to, but not over, twenty-one. To get more than twenty-one is to go bust. The deck is a standard fifty-two card deck, but some casinos will use up to six decks at once. The […]

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How To Improve Your Poker Game?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 22nd April 2016

How To Improve Your Poker Game? Poker is a popular gambling cards game and is suitable for players of most ages (within reason), whilst some people are great at it, other’s aren’t. But there are ways in order to help you improve your poker game, saving you both money and pride and allowing you to […]

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