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Visit our Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 29th July 2016

An exciting night out in Cardiff often includes a visit to Les Croupiers Casino with its green tables, slot machines and famed Poker Tournament, frequently ending up in the popular Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant just upstairs from the casino gambling area. Chic comfort, good food and a wide-angle view of Cardiff and the City Stadium […]

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Celebrating Christmas in China

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 23rd December 2014

Christmas in China is a rather uncommon occurrence, with only less than 1% of the huge population being Christian, the majority of people know very little about the Holiday Traditions of Christmas. In Major cities, it is much more common to see things such as Christmas Trees on display than it is in the more […]

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Top Five Chinese Dishes we Can’t Help but Scoff

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 11th August 2014

Do you ever look at a Chinese menu and feel overwhelmed by the huge variety of dishes? Take away the worry of choosing by going for one of the top five Chinese dishes. These are tried and trusted favourites with diners around the world, including ourselves.   Sweet and Sour All kinds of food can […]

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How to Make Your Own Fortune Cookies

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 18th July 2014

Ever fancied making your own fortune cookies? Here’s how… Ingredients: 1 egg white 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 pinch salt 35g normal flour 65g caster sugar Baking Instructions: 1.Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius. Write your fortunes on paper segments around 10cm long and 1.5cm wide. Grease 2 greaseproof paper sheets. 2.Mix in the […]

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How to Make an Authentic Sweet and Sour Sauce

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 10th July 2014

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet and sour? Making an authentic sweet and sour sauce is simple. You only need a few basic ingredients: 1/4 cup Brown Sugar 1/4 cup Tomato Ketchup 1/4 cup Rice Vinegar Juice from a 4 oz can of pineapple 2 tbsp Cornstarch Simply combine the brown sugar in a small pot […]

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Fortune Cookies – The Confusing Origin

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 10th June 2014

  The simple, crispy treat containing that mysterious message is the perfect end to your Chinese meal. But, just how Chinese is the fortune cookie? Some claim that the true origin of the little cake with a message is in fact Japanese. Others notice that citizens of China neither eat fortune cookies nor recognise them […]

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Making Egg Noodles From Scratch

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 8th May 2014

  Making egg noodles from scratch is simpler than you’d think, whether you are an experienced cook or a novice. Here is what you will need: 2 1/2 cups of flour (all purpose) 1/2 a cup of milk 1 pinch of salt A tablespoon of butter 2 Eggs Begin by stirring together the flour and […]

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Why are Rice and Noodles Staple Foods in Chinese Cuisine?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 2nd April 2014

Whilst wheat, barley and oats are the main cereal crops of the Western world, in China and many other countries it is rice which is grown as the dominant staple foodstuff. Rice has been farmed in China for thousands of years and many miles of terraced mountain slopes which have been artificially flooded to enable […]

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Chinese Table Etiquette

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 20th February 2014

There’s no better way to ingratiate yourself with the local people when travelling than by showing awareness of their cultural habits and routines. Here’s a list of rules and taboos for those of you who want to have fun by embracing the traditional way in which Chinese food is eaten. At the start of the […]

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A Merry Chinese Christmas

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 20th December 2013

  Most Chinese don’t celebrate Christmas for the same reasons as those of us in the UK, but they do make sure the day is enjoyed as a family with plenty of good food, gifts and symbols of good luck. A Chinese Christmas involves and centres around food – and lots of it! The Chinese […]

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