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How Rugby Players have Evolved

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 16th May 2016

How Rugby Players have Evolved Rugby is a beautiful game that has drawn fans across different parts of the world. Over the last 20 years, the game has changed, especially if one considers player profiles within the same period. Many things have changed in the way rugby is played and one of the most notable […]

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The History of the Dice

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 5th May 2016

The History of Dice Generally considered the oldest known gaming implements, dice in one form or another date back thousands of years and have only increased in popularity with the huge range of modern board games available. Although the advent of plastics has changed how dice are now manufactured, the basic concept has largely remained […]

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An Interesting Stroll Through Cardiff Castle’s History

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 23rd March 2016

Cardiff castle is a centuries-old heritage site located in the heart of Cardiff, Wales. It’s long and rich history goes back as far as the Roman period. It bears witness to the conflicts and political rivalries that existed throughout the middle ages. Roman Occupation: 1st -4th Centuries AD. There is evidence that the Romans erected […]

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A Fascinating Yet Brief History of Cardiff

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 12th January 2016

Cardiff, situated on the northern shores of the Severn Estuary, has a rich history with the course of events seeing it evolve from a small Neolithic settlement into the capital of Wales and that ancient nation’s largest city. Archaeological evidence, including several burial sites, indicates that the Cardiff area has been inhabited by humans for […]

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7 Ways to Blag Liking Football

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 22nd July 2015

OK, you’ve been invited to watch a game of football, but you don’t know anything about the game and you don’t want to sound like a rank amateur. No problem. Follow these tips and blag being a superfan. Which teams are playing? This valuable little bit of information tells you what colour face paint to […]

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The History of Texas Hold’Em Poker

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 8th July 2015

What is Texas Hold’Em? Texas Hold’em is the most popular variation of Poker. It is played using a standard 52 card deck. To put it simply; each player is dealt 2 cards face down, 5 community cards are placed face up and each player must build the best 5 card combination of these 7 cards. […]

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The Weird & Wonderful World of Luck Superstitions

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 2nd July 2015

Superstitions are irrational belief usually based on the unknown. Most of us have had our fingers crossed at some point in life. Individual birds like magpies bring out a feeling like no other in us. Welcome to the world of superstition where 13 might be the unluckiest number in the world. Here are some of […]

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Wales in Rugby – A History of The Six Nations Championship

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 4th March 2015

With the Six Nations Championships now well underway for the 2015 season, Welsh rugby union fans’ confidence will be riding high in anticipation of a successful campaign, undoubtedly matched by a steely determination to win back the title after losing grasp last year. The welsh team have an enviable record in the competition having won […]

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Fortune Cookies – The Confusing Origin

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 10th June 2014

  The simple, crispy treat containing that mysterious message is the perfect end to your Chinese meal. But, just how Chinese is the fortune cookie? Some claim that the true origin of the little cake with a message is in fact Japanese. Others notice that citizens of China neither eat fortune cookies nor recognise them […]

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