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The Weird & Wonderful World of Luck Superstitions

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 2nd July 2015

Superstitions are irrational belief usually based on the unknown. Most of us have had our fingers crossed at some point in life. Individual birds like magpies bring out a feeling like no other in us. Welcome to the world of superstition where 13 might be the unluckiest number in the world. Here are some of […]

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5 Strange Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 4th December 2014

Whatever your thoughts are on Christmas it can’t be ignored and is all about celebrating with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts. Whilst Christmas is a Christian festival, you will find some extremely bizarre international customs. Here are 5 Strange Christmas Traditions From Around The World.   The Ukrainian spider tradition If you are […]

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5 Odd Chinese Superstitions Which May Just Bring You Luck

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 9th October 2014

Chinese superstitions can be prevalent within Asian gambling culture. For example, baccarat players in Macau believe that even the manner in which cards are squeezed or creased can determine the outcome of a game. Practice these 5 Chinese gaming rituals and who knows? You too may hit a winning streak!   Mind Your Numbers In […]

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New Year Superstitions

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 13th January 2014

The new year is a time for partying, celebration and the inevitable resolutions. It’s also a time for superstitions. According to traditional beliefs, what happens on New Year’s Day influences what happens during the rest of the year, so if you’ve already had bad luck this year, not abiding by these superstitions may just be […]

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Chinese New Year Gambling Traditions

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 2nd January 2014

  The Chinese are often seen as a superstitious bunch, warding bad luck off with seemingly unusual actions. Gambling around the new year is no exception to the rule. Specific traditions that have been built on for centuries are often still acted out by the more mature and superstition bound gamblers. Here are some examples […]

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The Traditional Christmas Pickle

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 10th December 2013

Image courtesy of Elvisa.   Christmas time is all about traditions. The time spent decorating the Christmas tree, the family gathering around for the switching on of the lights and the lavish food. It is these small traditions that ensure that Christmas is the happiest time of year. One of the oddest traditions is the Christmas […]

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