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How Rugby Players have Evolved

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 16th May 2016

How Rugby Players have Evolved Rugby is a beautiful game that has drawn fans across different parts of the world. Over the last 20 years, the game has changed, especially if one considers player profiles within the same period. Many things have changed in the way rugby is played and one of the most notable […]

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The 5 Greatest Welsh Footballers Of All Time

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 2nd March 2016

When it comes to World Cup Qualification, Wales may not have the greatest track record, but in terms of footballers, this nation has produced some of the finest talents. In this article, we’ve picked 5 of the best Welsh footballers according to their achievements and winning strategies as listed below. Dean Saunders Saunders first started […]

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10 Basic Welsh Phrases To Impress Your Friends

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 17th February 2016

Most of us struggle to learn French, German, or Spanish in an effort to make our holidays abroad a more fulfilling experience. Being able to converse with taxi-drivers, order local delicacies in restaurants, and haggle in the native tongue when in local markets, all help create a more enjoyable holiday, as well as impressing the […]

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A Fascinating Yet Brief History of Cardiff

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 12th January 2016

Cardiff, situated on the northern shores of the Severn Estuary, has a rich history with the course of events seeing it evolve from a small Neolithic settlement into the capital of Wales and that ancient nation’s largest city. Archaeological evidence, including several burial sites, indicates that the Cardiff area has been inhabited by humans for […]

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5 Cardiff Attractions You’d Be Mad To Miss

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 25th November 2015

The Welsh capital of Cardiff is a city full of first-class attractions that both inform and entertain visitors. Here are 5 of these must see sites: 1. The National Museum has exhibitions and events to suit all and is undoubtedly one of Wales’ finest cultural assets. The museum charts the evolution of Wales, including an […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Rugby

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 12th August 2015

  Description Rugby is a close contact sport that involves 15 players on each team, and an oval shaped rugby ball which is designed for clasping and kicking. The two teams continually pass, kick and ground the ball with the aim of scoring as many points as possible. Passing the ball forward is prohibited. Organisation […]

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A New Breed of Welsh Football?

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 27th March 2015

Though Wales have often threatened to qualify for major tournaments since they last did so – the 1958 World Cup in Sweden – there is genuine optimism among two of the greats of Welsh football that things may be about to change. Both Ian Rush and Neville Southall think that Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey […]

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Wales in Rugby – A History of The Six Nations Championship

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 4th March 2015

With the Six Nations Championships now well underway for the 2015 season, Welsh rugby union fans’ confidence will be riding high in anticipation of a successful campaign, undoubtedly matched by a steely determination to win back the title after losing grasp last year. The welsh team have an enviable record in the competition having won […]

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Wales’ Brush With The UEFA European Championship

Posted by: pinnacleadmin | 29th January 2015

The fact that Wales haven’t qualified for a major football tournament since the 1958 World Cup in Sweden doesn’t mean that they haven’t produced some good teams in the decades since. In 1976, Wales reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship, but only four teams would play in the actual finals held in Yugoslavia. Wales […]

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