Tips and tricks for gambling responsibly

Posted by: | 14th February 2017


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Gambling can be an enjoyable hobby, but if it is not done sensibly it can swiftly turn in to a nightmare. Everyone should gamble responsibly, so simply follow the tips in the guide below to ensure that you keep gambling fun rather than stressful.

Take stock of your gambling habits

It is very important to check in regularly with yourself to ensure that your gambling habits are not out of control. A gambling addiction can creep up on you almost imperceptibly so why not mark a day once a month in your diary to sit down and think hard about how gambling has been affecting your life? Ask yourself whether gambling has ever caused you to miss time from work or for important occasions involving loved ones (such as anniversaries, birthdays, or picking the kids up from school). Ask yourself whether gambling is causing you to become stressed or lose sleep. Ask yourself whether you find it hard to tear yourself away from gambling and have thus gambled longer than you initially planned to. Ask yourself whether you cannot buy things that you need to (such as food or Christmas presents) due to your gambling. Finally, ask yourself whether you have ever considered doing something illegal, untrustworthy or self destructive to finance your gambling. If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, it is time to take action in order to gamble more responsibly.

How to gamble more responsibly

The first thing to do is to suspend all of your gambling whilst you take stock of the situation. Then, talk to the appropriate people about the problem. A spouse or partner, or a close friend, is a good person to talk to. In addition casino and gambling site managers are also good people to talk to as they will be experienced in the issue of irresponsible gambling. They will be able to implement limits on how much you can gamble with, and if you ask them to, they can suspend your account or ‘bar’ you from their establishment for a certain period of time whilst you sort out your gambling issues. There are also numerous gambling helplines that you can call who will be able to help you through this difficult time in confidence and in a non judgemental fashion.

Honesty is the best policy

Whether you gamble responsibly or whether you think you have a problem with your gambling, honest is always the best policy. Be honest with yourself and others about how much you spend when you gamble and how it is affecting your life. Problems will only get worse if you ignore them.

GamCare Helpline: 0808 8020 133 or visit
They provide a confidential telephone counselling national helpline for anyone who is concerned about their own, or someone else’s gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous Helpline: 020 7384 3030 or visit www.
They are a self-help fellowship of compulsive gamblers wanting to address their gambling problems.

Gordon House Association Tel. 020 8778 3331 or visit www.
They have a hostel providing accommodation, therapy and rehabilitation for compulsive gamblers.

National Debtline  Tel. 0645 500 511 or visit