How To Play Punto Banco

Posted by: | 28th October 2016

Do you like your card games to be fast and exciting? If so, then welcome to Punto Banco.

Punto Banco is a game of prediction. It is very similar to Baccarat but without any optional plays. In this game, players bet on which two hands, the players (Punto) or the bankers (Banco), will be closest in value to 9. Or if the hand will be tied, known as “Egalite”.


The term player and banker do not refer to you or the casino, but instead think of yourself as an observer, betting on an outcome. Before we start, let’s take a look at the value of a card. Ace cards are worth one point. Numbered cards are worth their face value, and all other cards do not score any points.

The player and the banker each receive two cards and their total values are calculated. However, because the goal is to get as close to 9 as possible, if that total goes into double digits, such as 11, only the last digit counts. That means, if the players first two cards are 6 and 6, then this totals 12, but the score in the game is only 2.

One thing to look out for is what’s known as a “natural winner”. This is when the player and the banker’s first 2 cards each total either 8 or 9. If this happens, and both hands total the same, all bets are returned and the game starts over. If, however, one has an eight and the other a 9, the high scoring 9 is declared a natural winner.

How to play Punto Banco.

Punto Banco tables have different minimum bet amounts. Minimum and maximum bets are clearly marked on each. Look for an empty seat at a table where the minimum bet is one you are comfortable with. Before you play you need to place your money on the table in clear view of the dealer, and ask for chips.

The game starts when you place your bet on one or more winning options i.e. player (Punto), banker (Banco), or tie (Egalite). Simply place your bet in the box of your choice. The dealer will close any further bets and then deal the player and the banker two cards each.

A maximum of 3 cards will be dealt on either side. There is a strict set of rules which decide if the banker receives a third card. These drawing rules are available at the table, but the dealer will take care of this for you and they will know to deal if needed. In time, you’ll be able to tell straight away if a third card for the banker will be played.

If you choose to bet on the player and this hand wins, you will be paid even money. If you choose to bet on the banker and it wins, you will be paid 19 to 20. Playing Punto Banco is really quite easy, which is one of the reasons why this game is so enjoyable.