Top 5 Roulette Moments in Film

Posted by: | 20th March 2015

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Roulette is one of the most dramatic casino games. Money is won and lost on one spin of a wheel and few things are as suspenseful as waiting for that final moment when the ball drops into place. Taking that into account, it’s not surprising that many film-makers have chosen to include a roulette scene; here are five of the best.


1. Casablanca

The classic black-and-white film noir, Casablanca, includes a scene in which Rick, a casino-owner played by Humphrey Bogart, uses a rigged roulette table to allow two newly-wed refugees to win enough money to purchase their exit visas and escape Nazi Europe. He lets them win big by telling them to bet twice on the number 22 and this key scene reveals the heart of gold beneath Rick’s cynical exterior.

2. Indecent Proposal

Roulette wheels are not always used for noble purposes; in Indecent Proposal a roulette game is used to corrupt a young couple played by Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. They lose badly in Las Vegas after betting everything on red and billionaire Robert Redford seizes his chance by offering the husband a million dollars if he will let Redford sleep with his wife.

3. Diamonds Are Forever

James Bond has appeared in many gambling scenes, often playing card games like poker and baccarat, but Diamonds are Forever has several big scenes at the roulette tables of Circus Circus in Las Vegas. The opening credits see Sean Connery’s Bond dispatching a villain by jamming his head in the roulette wheel and he goes on to win big at the roulette table by betting on 17.

4. Lost in America

In Lost in America, a middle-aged couple give up their mundane lives to take a road trip across America but fall on bad times when the wife loses everything playing roulette in Las Vegas. She does this by betting repeatedly on the number 22; a reference to the famous Casablanca roulette scene.

5. Run Lola Run

While Hollywood loves a Las Vegas roulette scene, European film-makers have also been attracted to its drama. The German film, Run Lola Run, sees Franka Potenta trying numerous ways to raise a large sum of money to save her boyfriend, finally succeeding with two consecutive bets on number 20 on the roulette wheel.