Why Slot Machines Have Become Popular?

Posted by: | 15th January 2017

cleopatra slot machine cardiff

Slot machines, fruit machines, one-armed bandits, call them what you will but one fact remains true, and that is their enormously popularity. There can’t be many of us that haven’t used one at some time in our lives. The alluring appeal of it’s bright lights, beckoning us mercilessly. The eager rummage through our pockets to find a few spare coins and the delight when we find one…but just why do we like them so much?


Gambling is a popular pastime. To have the opportunity to win money is obviously appealing and many of us succumb to it. But are slot machines in the same league? Could a machine in a pub be considered ‘real’ gambling? In actuality it is of course but the way slot machines have integrated themselves into so many areas of everyday life, gives us the mental excuse to answer, ‘no’. This process allows us to convince ourselves it’s nothing more than a bit of harmless fun and explains at least one aspect of it’s appeal.


Unlike it’s straight-laced gambling counterparts, the slot machine has been designed for fun. From the amusing cartoon characters beaming widely at you, to the flashing coloured lights and sounds. There is an undeniable air of pure nostalgia about them. Many of us have grown up peering excitedly at these coin-guzzling wonders, and so they’ve become a firm favourite in our psyche. It’s a bit like Christmas, as much as we may moan and grumble about it as we get older, there is always a touch of magic to those fairy lights, whether we want to admit it or not.


Although we have very little control over our financial fate when it comes to playing the slot machines, we don’t actually believe that. It’s not as if we were standing in front of a card dealer, waiting for our fate to be dealt, this is just you and the machine. You know deep down inside that if you press that button quick enough, that jackpot is yours. You’re sure that lucky pound coin will do the trick…in fact of course none of it is true. But even if we are only dreaming, it’s hard to resist the empowerment we think those friendly-faced cash machines give us.